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Made withTIC-80
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, PROCJAM, TIC-80


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Cool! But how can I save my sprite?

Press F8

Great tool, definitely worth money so I donated. Perfect for what I'm working on

how to download the guns?


take a capture of your screen and edit it with a software or replicate the colors and paint it in a pixel drawing app

It is really good 

thanks for making this


This would work very well as part of a game. especially if the parts were tied to different mechanics. With my (rather limited) knowledge of TIC-80 I do think the that you could make a shoot 'em up with simple animations and maybe a color palette swap for the enemies to make them unique.

Wow, if I ever saw this as a feature in a video game that would be awesome!

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ive never seen a foregrip on a silencer before. pure innovation.


Those are great. I hope you plan to put this in a game, because procedurally-generated guns like that would be super-neat as a game mechanic.


cool indeed !

I want to see this tool in a full game !


That is cool